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Money from Carbon

Before we proceed, click here for an interactive map on global carbon footprint brought to you by National Geographic. As you can see, China is the world’s top contributor. It is evident from the recent events of pollution in China that are constantly in the news. In a previous article on carbon footprint, we learnt how it is …

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Environmental impacts of electricity generation

(Image: Flickr user ssedov) Electricity. How do we make it? How does it affect our environment? There are several forms of energy that can be converted to electrical energy. And there are environmental issues related to each of these power sources. Here’s a list of power sources: Nuclear Water (hydroelectric power and tidal power) Geothermal Biomass …

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The Jungle VIP

I wanna be like you! Another Jungle Book eulogy here. Which is the prelude to this blog. And Without malice to big NGO’s or climate change proponent organizations and corporates. And in support of all those individual who are waging their lone battle for action on climate change. I am the Jungle VIP. And there are …

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