Climate Change Messaging is not cutting it!

It all started with Global Warming, a term coined way back in 1975 in a paper by geochemist Wallace BroeckerOver the year Global Warming has morphed to Climate Change. The problem remain the same, none of the world takes this as seriously as it should, period! Hang in there; before you write me off as going off half-cocked…I am not taking away the progress we have made by the NGOs, climate change Proponents, Corporate and the Politico’s, culminating in the recently concluded COP 21 in Paris, 2015.

But climate change is still considered a “relative distant threat” by Americans, a recent study at Yale. Now this is not unique to the United States, No Sir! Pretty much, the same across the globe, percentage who agree could differ.

I worry as you don’t! That is pretty much how I generally feel about this problem.

Therein also hides the simple truth and the crux of the problem, the need for communicating effectively, and wide! How do we create more effective messaging and what other mediums can we use? Needless, to say the most powerful medium is still Audio-Visual, with the potential for large scale distribution across nationalities and languages.

While speeches, lectures and propaganda are all part of the deal, the idea is to convert these to visual messages and with the designed intent for large-scale distribution. In my personal opinion we are not adequately capitalizing on the opportunity or leveraging all our resources, to get this message out and far and wide. We have to seriously change the course of the strong march forward of climate change and its growing grip on our planet.

While Big Governments, Bill Gates and Elon Musk continue to plan, design and execute on large scale and impactful Ideas. I think they can do with some help from the plebeians, as well.

So I did some wishful thinking… and I thought about memberships at Facebook (1.591Bil.); Google searches per day (3.5Bil.). The common factor was these organizations were not innovators but improvers and both these organizations have seen phenomenal success/growth and very quickly. One was a social platform, the other an information platform. This was a great business opportunity for both these organization. The found the right gap in the market (read need) and went about filling it.

Have we ever considered while engaged in raising our voices for the ongoing threat to our planet, that this as a business problem? Businesses of keeping the planet live! I doubt it!

Is the world yearning or ready for an information and social revolution on climate change? Or is there such a need already with the global citizens? I am not sure that this market space is well defined but it is digital content rich for sure! May be it is about time to create the need!

I feel that we need an all new approach to the messaging we are address climate change and the threat to our planet. I believe that it is time we consider the opportunity cost of the course of action we are taking on climate change. Climate Change is a Business People!

It is the business of staying alive!

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