The Jungle VIP

I wanna be like you!

Another Jungle Book eulogy here.  

Which is the prelude to this blog.

And Without malice to big NGO’s or climate change proponent organizations and corporates. And in support of all those individual who are waging their lone battle for action on climate change.

I am the Jungle VIP. And there are many like me. Plebeians concerned, about the environment and climate change that is quickly overtaking the planet. While we have a small tribe of followers and supporters our work goes mostly unnoticed, still effective and relevant. Be sure and believe that we are as enthusiastic and as committed as the NGO’s and other proponents of climate change. However, we do not have the muscle and resources (FIRE) for demonstrated action (song). Nor do we have celebrity endorsements.

Now if I had the fire, here is what I will do. While being focused on stated objectives, be it education, poverty, health and the environment. I will mobilize the base to demonstrate reduction in fossil fuel use, particularly in energy use at home, office and transportation choices. Two of the biggest contributors of Carbon Emissions.

Here is how:

Individuals (your small donors) ask them to save 1 kWh of energy use per day at home. Every million of them have the potential to reduce emissions by 500 MtCO2 – PER DAY

For Corporates, get them to engage their employees to save energy use at home, a Fortune 500 typically averages 25,000 employees. That is a potential of saving of 12.5 MtCO2 – PER DAY

Propagate the use of smarter transportation choices, car pool, and public transportation

Drive this via competition goals, recognition and commendation, at national and global conferences.

Mobilize the national media and emphasis on including climate change events/progress along with the weather news, so no fear of ratings going down. (It is unfortunate that most of climate change messages are not carried by media programming as it affects rating.)

All this does not need setting up further infrastructure or a great deal of funds. Second some thoughts will run around how do we sustain it? Great question, the simple answer is not longevity of the program but demonstration of what is the potential impact is important, for embracing climate action!

I and others like me the plebeians will continue to struggle and work for what we believe in, we need to mobilize individual action, as climate change includes all of us believe it or not. And I do not have fear. Who cares if I succeed in getting this message across and get the common man to be inclusive of the action on climate change? I do and I will continue screaming at the top of my voice (it’s small voice) people will eventually get with it. I believe!

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